The Mission of the York Opioid Collaborative is to coordinate efforts in our region to reduce overdose deaths and to minimize the impact of the opioid epidemic in our community through four areas of focus:


Increase county-wide prevention and education efforts throughout York County to prevent or delay the onset of Substance Use Disorder.


Increase rescue efforts in York County to promote the health, safety, and well-being of persons at high risk for an overdose and/or those with a substance or opioid use disorder.


Eliminate barriers to increase access and utilization of Substance Use Disorder and Mental Health treatment services throughout York County.


Ensure that all individuals in York County have the opportunity for successful recovery and supportive communities.


Overdose Deaths in 2019
Overdose Deaths in 2020
Overdose Deaths in 2021

Last updated August 11, 2021. OverdoseFreePA data is updated monthly. Cases may take 3 months or longer to be reported based on confirmation of toxicology results.


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From the Blog

Safe Sharps Disposal- Community Health Survey

As part of its ongoing commitment to improve the health of the community it serves, the York Opioid Collaborative is partnering with the City of York Bureau of Health to spearhead a comprehensive community needs survey. We are gathering information from York County residents to identify current practices in the disposal of sharps to understand…


Online, mail-based Naloxone program

The York Opioid Collaborative with its partners is pleased to announce OPAL- Overdose Prevention Assistance Locally. OPAL is an online, mail-based harm reduction services designed to provide naloxone to those individuals at risk of experiencing an opioid-related overdose, their family members and friends, or other persons in a position to assist. OPAL provides training on…


Family Recovery Education Course

The York Opioid Collaborative, in partnership with JFT Recovery and Veterans Services, will be hosting a free family education course based on the 12 principles of BALM Family Recovery Method. The course will be provided by Ignite Recovery Coaching, certified BALM instructors. The course is designed for families and friends of those struggling with substance…


Community Care’s New Maternal Program

Community Care Behavioral Health, York/Adams Behavioral Health Managed Care Program, has started a new maternal program. This community-based care management program is designed to enhance support for pregnant women and new mothers. A care manager will be available to follow-up with pregnant members/new mothers to assess their behavioral health needs and basic needs and link…


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Partners in York Opioid Collaborative include government institutions, public health and safety organizations, local businesses, and concerned members of our community. For a full list of our partners, click the button below.