The York Opioid Collaborative facilitates a few stakeholder groups to increase connections with stakeholders, increase shared understanding of substance use disorders and overdoses in our community, increase shared accountability, and facilitate both targeted and community-wide problem solving. YOC strives to be the connective tissue to bring partners from various sectors together to improve our collective response to SUD and overdoses in York County.

Prevention Coalition


YOC’s Prevention Coalition’s goal is to facilitate connections with our community and its stakeholders to create initiatives to address the impact of overdoses and substance use on our community. The coalition is represented by a wide range of stakeholders along the SUD/OUD continuum. The York Opioid Collaborative, as a non-profit, leverages these relationships to increase its depth and breadth of connectivity in our community.

The Prevention Coalition’s focus is engagement with community partners to increase education/awareness of substance use disorders, development of prevention activities (primary, secondary and tertiary), and enhance recovery and community support. The Prevention Coalition will focus on messaging, educational opportunities, recovery support and ways to involve the community in reducing overdoses and overall impact.

The Prevention Coalition meets bi-monthly with committees meeting independently.

Public Health and Safety Team (PHAST)


PHAST is a framework developed by the CDC Foundation, modeled after NYC’s RxSTAT model.  The goal of PHAST is data-driven overdose response among Public Health and Public Safety Partners through action-oriented, facilitated targeted problem solving with shared accountability among partners and performance monitoring of interventions.  This is designed to enhance data collection and sharing among stakeholders to better inform community response and individual agency response.

Multi-sector partners in PHAST act as a representative of their agency.   They are engaged in or highly aware of the day-to-day activities of their own agency and are able to speak with authority regarding potential programmatic and policy changes.  PHAST members are committed to a shared north star, reducing overdoses and substance use in York County.


Safe Prescribing Initiative


The scope of the Safeguard Rx project encompasses the continuum of care for a patient. Beginning with initial evaluation and treatment of individuals with non-controlled substance approaches, followed by initial prescription with plan of care, ongoing monitoring using best practices in the care of the patient,  early identification of concerning patterns of use of medication, and appropriate intervention and referral for individuals who may have developed a substance use disorder as a complication of therapy. Three stages of the program are proposed:


Stage I: Development of core curriculum for prescribers incorporating evidence-based practices when available, best practices when evidence is not sufficiently strong, paired with clear guidance and tools developed locally and designed for each step of the care continuum.


Stage II: Expansion of curriculum to include academic detailing of local pharmacists and other professionals to assist in coordination of the care of individuals prescribed controlled substances with an eye towards appropriate use of medication and identification of problematic administration. This curriculum will be developed in coordination with pharmacy professionals.


Stage III: Development of patient education and public messaging campaign highlighting the importance of safe prescribing, need for careful monitoring of individuals on controlled substances. Additionally, educational tools will be incorporated regarding the risks of substance use disorder and how to get help when substance use disorder is identified.

Community Narcan Distribution Program


The York Opioid Collaborative, in partnership with community partners, is developing an online platform for community distribution of Narcan.  Through community discussions we encounter barriers to access and availability of Narcan for individuals at risk and their support network.  The focus of the program will be on delivery of Narcan and education to individuals about how to recognize and respond to an opioid overdose.  The online platform will serve as a repository of information for York and Adams County residents about Narcan, as well as guidance for organizations looking to receive Narcan for dissemination to at risk individuals.   We are also developing awareness campaigns to break down myths about Narcan and reduce stigma.